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Leadership theories, leadership ethics, a leadership definition and multiple characteristics of good leadership all help define leadership . 

Here is an archive of leadership topics that all play a part in defining authentic leadership.

What Is Leadership

Bob Terry has his own leadership definition, both a short and long version. Bob was a leader in the field of authentic leadership and wrote his book Authentic Leadership: Courage in Action long before the term became a buzz word in leadership writing

Bob Terry's response to the question: what is leadership? was that leadership was not found in a single leadership theory.

He believed that:

“In this age when we face multitudinous local, national and global challenges that inspire both hope and fear, we need more than ever to arrive at a comprehensive theory of leadership that is also a practical guide for leaders. We need to embrace many leadership perspectives in a new unity to use all our knowledge. We need to face the true and real. This means that our leadership must provide authentic action.” ~ Robert W. Terry

The Action Wheel is a tool Bob developed to discover the answer to the question: "What is really going on?" 

In recent years, The AWL Group has taken this tool online and created the Action Wheel Assessment. The assessment can be used by any organization to identify and resolve any issue.

The dimensions of the Action Wheel and their corresponding metaphors are synopsized here as Characteristics of Good Leadership.

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