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Warren Hoffman, Ph.D. brings a wealth of personal and organizational performance experience to Action Wheel Leadership, Inc.

Warren defines the purpose of his life “to help others do well.” He has spent more than 30 years dealing with issues, challenges, and problems that cause dysfunction in individuals and organizations.


  • He credits his ability to deal with tragic and near tragic situations to his work as a pastor where he was faced with nearly every imaginable human and organizational situation.
  • “The answers to ordinary and extraordinary situations are secondary to the questions they invoke. My work is to partner with others to insure that the appropriate and tough questions are addressed before accepting easy answers.”
  • Warren is known for invoking, evoking, and provoking himself and others in order to discover what is really going on internally and externally. Through humor, conversation, and looking at ordinary things from the “dance floor and the balcony” is his way of engaging an individual or groups to see what hasn’t been seen. He is a “facilitator’s facilitator.”
  • He is an author, presenter, coach, and assessment specialist, and a leading authority in helping organizations deal with learning disabilities, paradigm shifts, and critical tipping points. His most recent book is 9 Dysfunctions in Our Healthcare Organizations.  Other books he has written include is Learning Disabilities in Organizations, The Unraveling and Re-Birth of Healthcare and Turtle On A Post These all deal with the importance of authentic leadership on personal, professional, and organizational levels.
  • He has served as assessment specialist and coach for Personnel Decisions International, director of leadership development and training for a Dayton Hudson operating company, executive director of the North Central Career Development Center, adjunct faculty, University of Minnesota School of Medicine, and served for eleven years on the core faculty of the Physician Leadership College, University of St. Thomas. He began his professional life as a Presbyterian Pastor in Minnesota and Illinois.
  • His real education began at the Lennox, S.D. elementary school and with the birth, growth, and maturity of his four sons. He and Marian have been married for more than 40 years. His formal education took place at the University of Dubuque, Dubuque Theological Seminary and the University of Edinburgh, Scotland.

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