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Tadd Walker,B.S., B.A. has an interest and passion for learning ‘how things work’, and for ‘making things work better’. He has been a Partner with Larry Walker at Knowledge Management Inc (KMI), since 1998, applying his passion to KMI’s ideas, technology, and client projects.


With 20 years of direct consulting experience, Tadd has witnessed a diversity of organizational cultures and leadership approaches across a variety of industries, and has been responsible for building effective teams in frequently hostile work environments.

One of Tadd’s key strengths is in translating the complex into the comprehensible, enabling team members, partners, and/or clients and participate effectively.

Prior to joining KMI, Tadd worked for 10 years in Andersen Consulting’s (Accenture, today) technology organization. At Andersen, Tadd developed technology experience in the areas of application and technical architecture development, as well as experience in product strategy and release management, and large-scale project management.

Tadd has worked closely with his Action Wheel Leadership partners since January, 2006 to develop, prototype, and test our proprietary assessment instruments for web-based delivery. 

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