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Operation “Proud Mary”: Examine & Improve Orthopedic Care Delivery - Bill, Orthopedic Surgeon

As a result of insights and raised awareness gained through the leadership program, Bill reviewed his Orthopedic Surgery solo provider practice through a new lens. 


Successful Change

 The new realities ahead for the clinic included: 

  • expansion of the practice in both volume and complexity; 
  • the need to serve multiple clinic sites; 
  • the need to meet expanding administrative as well as new, non-practice demands;
  • the need to implement and use an EHR system,
  • and the reality of declining future reimbursements. 

Bill fed these factual realities into values, core to sustaining his practice at the highest level of quality service delivery and patient care:

  • Quality Patient / Provider Relationship;
  • Quality Service for Referral Sources;
  • Quality Work Place Situation;
  • More Capacity for Administrative Activities;
  • More Capacity for Family & Social Activities;
  • More Capacity for Non-Practice Enterprises;
  • More Capacity for Continued Growth.

The end result?  After five years of consideration, and at least one false start, Bill has now expanded his practice by adding a full-time Physician’s Assistant.  This has allowed a reorganization of staff roles/responsibilities, and opened a series of new opportunities.  Initial financial analysis showed this was done net overhead neutral.   Bill acted on the dissatisfaction within himself and his staff to overcome his internal resistance to change. 

Project Impact: By learning how to “Work the Wheel” Bill has been able to address a very complex clinic issue with a clear process for moving forward.

Successful Change

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