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Roland Sullivan

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Senior Consultant - Action Wheel Leadership

Founder – Sullivan Transformation Agents
Adjunct Faculty – Eight Universities around world
Founder – Minnesota (1974) and Asian (2004) OD Networks



St. Mary’s University, Winona – B.A. Philosophy
Loyola University, Chicago – M.S. Organization Development
Pepperdine University, Los Angeles – MSOD
Independence University – Independence – PhD coursework complete
(Organization Change)

Biographical Information

Roland is one of the original 100 change agents. Starting in 1962, he has consulted in Change with over 1,000 organizations in 30 countries. He is a recognized thought leader in large group change conferences up to 1,500 participants. 

He is known for:

  • Transforming Executive Teams
  • Transforming the “critical mass” that “Core Leadership” teams lead
  • Transforming the professional lives of internal change agents
  • Transferring competence to the organization so a systematic and systemic change process is sustainable

Roland ‘s professional aim is to help individuals and organizations move faster toward the actualization of “their” defined excellence. 

Co-editing over a dozen management of change books including the popular third edition of “Practicing Organization Development” have kept him in touch with leading and best practices. 

Mr. Sullivan’s passion is four fold:

1. Integrating whole systems engagement with the dramatic transformation of organizations. This process starts with helping the top team become aligned and authentic. He then uses large group interactive processes to give leadership veritable traction with the larger organization. A series of large interactive paradigm shifting results oriented learning experiences are utilized. Incorporated in this work is the transfer to an internal change agent the ability to institutionalize the process.

2. Leading a global effort for the past 30 years to establish the competencies of internal and external change agents. His work is used to certify academia change programs.

3. Recognizing that “Self as Instrument” is paramount in an authentic helping relationship, Roland is continually applying the theory and practice of Organization Change and Development profession to his own life. 

4. Embellishing his robust transformation processes with the theory and practice of Action Wheel Leadership.

Over the years, he has received numerous, local, regional, national and global awards for his pioneer work.

In sum, Roland, has the ability to facilitate deep, fast, effective and cost conscious organization change that leads to extraordinary results. 

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