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Reducing Physician Stress

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Schwartz Center Rounds sessions are a place where people who don’t usually talk about the heart of the work are willing to share their vulnerability, to question themselves.


Reducing Physician Stress

Schwartz Center Rounds - Laila, Chief of Staff

The program provides an opportunity for dialogue that doesn't happen anywhere else in a hospital setting. 

Currently within Laila’s hospital, there are some important options for staff and physicians to receive mental health support. But there are no support groups for physicians, nurses or other staff who care for patients where they can share experiences and emotions, discuss difficult situations, lean on each other and gain insight, strength and healing for ourselves. 

Laila is “working the wheel,” the leadership process she learned in her leadership program, to assess and share the opportunity, purpose, and approach to implementing “Schwartz Rounds” sessions within her healthcare system.  The project remains in the first two resolution steps: current reality, and values alignment stages. Once these have achieved physician awareness and alignment, a clear mission will come into focus.

Project Impact: The principles learned in the program have enabled Laila to introduce this physician program in a step by step format.  By engaging her team around the current need and value of this program she is gaining important first step alignment and ownership for the program.

Once ownership has been achieved a team will then consider a clear mission for the project followed by steps for implementing a pilot program. Laila has been deeply encouraged as to how the Action process has enabled her to understand how ownership and eventual change occurs.

Key Healthcare Impacts:

  • Administration/Doctors working together to address stress to doctors
  • Leadership: started a process to address collegial stress from patient care
  • Strategic change process successfully initiated 

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