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Physician Leadership Program Testimonials

by Ridgeview Medical Center

The testimonials below were offered by participants in one of our recent Physician Leadership programs. They are used by permission.

Emma Carlin, MD: "I love medicine as a profession
. I work with smart, hard-working, classy people who are often sad & tired and still keep it up.
 I want it to be better.
 This class has helped me see it can be & will be."

Sara Carlson, MD: "This program has given me the confidence to engage in and promote change in our clinic even though I am not in a formal leadership role."

Marty Dvorak, MD: "This program has allowed me to grow in my leadership role, my skills, my confidence & my bags of skills/knowledge & experience."

Jason Hicks, PA: "I’ve looked forward to these afternoons.
 I have enjoyed learning so much from all these bright minds involved in teaching and learning in these AWL sessions."

Mark LaRose, MD: "The program allowed me to develop skills that have enabled me to step into an intimidating role with more confidence & skill."

David Quale, MD: "This has been a great opportunity to “train” for my upcoming leadership position. Thank you!"

Lorene Rutherford, MD: "This remarkable program is the most cost effective, efficient, applicable and enjoyable way I’ve ever experienced to improve my leadership skills."

Benjamin Scherschligt, MD: "An opportunity to share ideas with very smart, capable people."

Plamen Todorow, MD: "There was no more pleasurable intellectual experience for many years than these monthly meetings! Thank you! "

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