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These case studies show how the Minnesota Physician Leadership Program directly impacts physicians and healthcare administrators.

Physician Leadership Healthcare Impacts

Participants apply the Action Wheel framework, concepts, and principles from the program, to issues they are facing at work and at home.

Each project impacts healthcare as it addresses physician concerns. 

The following projects were completed in a recent Minnesota Physician Leadership program: 

Honoring End-of-Life Decisions

Leadership Lens: The principles learned in the program allowed the team to diagnose both the symptoms and underlying root cause of this critical misalignment.  The program’s focus on understanding and aligning the values of stakeholders has fueled the interest and energy to make sure the rollout is completed throughout the healthcare system.

How to Handle Family Arguments

Leadership Lens: Richard has been able to take the Action Wheel principles and use them to bring alignment around his family's activities. Together, he and Pam have been able to reduce stress and focus their energies around the key goals they hold most dear.

Collaborative Decision Making 

Project Impact: By following the action process learned in class, Jerry was able to grasp the power of collaborative decision-making. Utilizing collaborative decision processes increased employee satisfaction producing deeper employee engagement.

Reducing Physician Stress 

Project Impact: The principles learned in the program have enabled Laila to introduce this physician program in a step by step format.  By engaging her team around the current need and value of this program she is gaining important first step alignment and ownership for the program. Once ownership has been achieved a team will then consider a clear mission for the project followed by steps for implementing a pilot program. Laila has been deeply encouraged as to how the Action process has enabled her to understand how ownership and eventual change occurs.

Physician Burnout

Project Impact: Patricia has been able to take the Action Wheel principles and apply them to a complex issue that has caused her deep frustration. The ability to apply this material in such practical ways has been enlightening and encouraging to her.

Identifying Systems Breakdowns

Project Impact: Using the Action Wheel model learned in class Dennis was able to diagnose the fears and misalignments occurring in his home remodel. Furthermore, Dennis was able to clarify what was really happening, and why it was happening. Armed with that information Dennis was able to set up an intervention and address the shortcomings in this project.

Electronic Medical Records Optimization

Project Impact: James and Terry have been able to pinpoint the root issue of power and mission in this project. Each individual, assigned tasks in this new system, must be given the authority to prioritize their jobs and follow through on work required with this new system. Without clear goals and priorities team members will have split goals they cannot achieve.

Innovative Medical Processes 

Project Impact: Presenting the hypertension concern via a presentation allowed Kevin the opportunity to brainstorm and consider new avenues for meeting the hypertension challenge facing the African American community.  The process allowed Kevin to clarify what was at stake and what he had to focus on to make this strategy work.

Successful Change

Project Impact: By learning how to “Work the Wheel” Bill has been able to address a very complex clinic issue with a clear process for moving forward.

Tackling Obesity

Project Impact: John was able to apply all that he learned in class to developing a clear and compelling message about the issues of obesity.

The AWL Group is accredited by the Minnesota Medical Association to provide continuing medical education for physicians.

Action Wheel Community

You are part of the Action Wheel Community if you have ever learned about the Action Wheel, participated in one of our workshops or leadership courses, or visited our website. As part of this community, you will able to read about experiences others have had with the Action Wheel and share your own experiences as well.

Do you have a story, memory, or question about using the Action Wheel in your professional or personal life? Please share it.

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