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Healthcare faces ongoing epic changes. Physicians must play a central role in leading healthcare systems through these changes. 


Deepen your leadership competence and elevate confidence in your leadership skills by enrolling in the Minnesota Physician Leadership program.

The three sessions described below are the entry point to all we offer. 

Dealing With Difficult People

You know who your difficult people are. What are you doing about them?  Thirty years experience serving the healthcare industry has surfaced a clear reality: every healthcare system, and every other organization, has some toxic professionals. 

Left unaddressed, the high maintenance employees in your system may compromise quality, lower morale and lead to the loss of other key employees. In extreme cases, they can jeopardize your reputation and culture.

We specialize in resolving these difficult situations and equipping you to effectively diagnose, intervene and coach your high maintenance people.  Our clients in the healthcare industry were first to tell us that this was something they needed.  

Introduction to The Action Wheel

We created the  Action Wheel to provide the answers to two core leadership questions: "What is really, really going on?" and "What are we going to do about it?" 

The Action Wheel will help any group or organization discover the answers to these questions. It can be used by anyone to identify and resolve any issue.

The Action Wheel Assessment

An MRI scans soft tissues....The AWA scans soft issues! The Action Wheel Assessment is designed to be an organizational MRI. It will diagnose whether an organization is growing and prospering or is unhealthy and declining.

It can pinpoint precisely where your organization is strong and where it is vulnerable.

The Leadership Program

We will create a customized  physician leadership program to meet your specific needs from the modules in our physician leadership curriculum. 

The Curriculum & Process:

  1. Delivers real and relevant leadership concepts and principles
  2. Builds leadership competence and confidence
  3. Provides a practical framework participants use every day
  4. Equips participants with a robust set of tools and resources
  5. Is personally and professionally transforming

Physician Leadership Program Benefits

Our Action Wheel model is based on the work of one of our original partners, Dr. Robert Terry who founded the Reflective Leadership Center at the University of Minnesota. 

The AWL leadership model positioned us well to deal with the epic change facing the healthcare industry today.” ~Tim Middendorf, COO, Augustana Health Care 

Get Ready to Take Your Seat at The Table  

The Minnesota Physician Leadership Program directly builds the leadership skills physicians need to develop the competence and confidence to take on every leadership challenge. These physicians can gain a seat at the table in shaping the future of healthcare.

Contact us to discuss your leadership objectives. There is never a charge for our consultants to meet with you and explore your leadership goals.

The AWL Group is accredited by the Minnesota Medical Association to provide continuing medical education for physicians.

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