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How valuable would it be to you as a leader to have your team collaboratively determine what issues are holding them back, and MUST be addressed?  


This is what can be accomplished with our Action Wheel Assessment, an organizational tool used to spot light  problem areas as well as areas of strength.  

Did you know that the alignment of a team’s members is the single greatest determinant of that team’s performance?  

Just as a car can’t perform well when some of its parts are misaligned, a team can’t perform well if its members aren’t aligned.  Many REAL NEEDS and ISSUES are often hidden.

It seems simple, but we’ve found in our 30 plus years of research that you must first figure out what’s going on before you can progress to fixing it.  Just as we might use an MRI to diagnose a person's “soft tissues”, our proprietary Action Wheel Assessment is used to provide an image of your organization's “soft issues.”  

In our Team Alignment workshop, your leadership team discusses and agrees upon the actions they need – and want – to work on to improve overall alignment.  

In many cases, the result from our Alignment Process will surface many of the same issues the leaders themselves would like to have addressed.  The difference, though, in enthusiasm and engagement is when the team determines for themselves where the biggest alignment issues fall vs. when the leader dictates the actions that need to be taken cannot be overstated. 

Participants Will: 

  • Use assessment to identify misalignments that are constraining your team
  • Identify and prioritize key challenges facing your organization
  • Generate solutions to current challenges
  • Define an action plan for immediate implementation

Who Is This For?

  • Executive Teams
  • Project Teams
  • Mid-level management Teams
  • Any team facing disengaged employees

What Others Are Saying:

“AWL’s proprietary assessment helped us find the source of the organization’s pain and deal with it effectively.”  ~Chuck Heidbrink, Vice President, BHS HealthCare 

We were finally able to get to the real issues! By resolving our technical specs between our international manufacturing plants and our US plants we will save these last months alone (conservatively) about $15,000.” ~ Paul Brinda, Director, Electro Magnetic Product Development

To better understand misalignments and their causes, we recommend assessing your entire employee base using our Leadership Alignment (or Action Wheel) Assessment.

This proprietary, online tool is designed to create a snapshot of your organization’s health and will reveal the strengths and weaknesses within your organization in each of the following six areas: 

  • Existence: history/identity, viability
  • Meaning: core values, purpose
  • Mission: goals, clarity, focus
  • Power: engagement, control, cooperation
  • Structure: organization, systems, processes/procedures, communications
  • Resources: people, money/time, space/facilities, knowledge/training/skills, equipment, information, tools

The assessment instrument will identify the actions that need to be taken and drive the leadership team to address the challenges identified. 

We can break this assessment down by work areas so that the results are most meaningful to your leadership group.  

Results Interpretation 

Once the assessment is complete, the data is analyzed and presented in an aggregate report that pinpoints specific issues requiring resolution.

The assessment identifies the hotspots your team needs to address. A follow up workshop adds real context to these hotspots and allows your team to arrive at consensus on exactly what the priorities are for your group.

Together, you will create a specific and actionable list of what needs to be done to drive alignment and enhanced performance.

This is the beginning of your resolution process.

Next Steps 
Misalignment Resolution

At the conclusion of the leadership team session, we can discuss additional potential work with you.

Possibilities include:

Conducting additional workshops to create actionable agendas for each group based on our review of the assessment results.

Facilitating project teams assigned to work on issues identified in the leadership team work session.

Delivering other AWL workshops that fit your development needs.


  • Identification of a key set of issues that need to be addressed for your group.
  • Specific collaborative projects identified that will lead to alignment.
  • Improved alignment that in turn leads to improved performance.
  • Deepened leadership and employee engagement throughout the discovery and resolution phases.

There are many other places to start if a full team assessment is not right for you: Action Wheel Leadership System

Leadership Alignment

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