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There are some recognizable leadership models that leaders use based on their ideas of what leadership is and what they, as a leader, should be.

Bob Terry's Action Wheel model does not discount any of the other models, it compares, contrasts and enfolds them. Each of the most popular leadership models finds a place within the Action Wheel structure and participants in the AWL Group leadership programs discover how and when to use the various leaderhip styles and models.

The theory underlying the Action Wheel model is that there are six features of action present in every situation and that all six features of the Authentic Action Wheel must eventually be addressed to come to a resolution of a problem or situation.

Many other leadership theories and models exist that can be shown to be effective in addressing one, or several, of these six features of action.

The Action Wheel shows where these all fit into a comprehensive organizational leadership plan that goes beyond leadership theory to authentic leadership action.

Authentic leadership action occurs when the leader, the leadership team, and the organization are in alignment with all six features of action.

The model has been developed to offer a complete leadership program that begins with an assessment of the strengths and weaknesses that are found within most organizations. The next steps are an aggregate report that compiles and graphs the results of each seminar participant.

Read more about The Action Wheel Assessment and see a sample aggregate report to begin to understand the power of the Action Wheel leadership system.

Many authors and consultants have their own ways to define leadership

"Leadership is a relationship between the leader and the led that presses to know what is really going on, to act courageously on that understanding and to live and act authentically." ~ Bob Terry

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