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Larry Walker

Education: BA Mathematics, Lehigh University, 1963.

Larry has excelled for 40 years in leading world-class people in pursuit of technical excellence, industry breakthroughs, and new markets.

Larry had 20 years of technical, technology management, corporate strategy development and business management experience with Sperry Corporation. The highlights of his contributions to Sperry were:

  •  Pioneering technical developments in real time systems, airline systems, and operating systems.
  • System design responsibilities for Sperry's 1100 series mainframe computer product line that generated over $8 billion revenue for Sperry.
  • Corporate business strategy responsibilities leading to a new line of business which generated over $2 billion revenue for Sperry.
  • Reporting directly to the President of Sperry, created an innovative 5-year, $250 million investment program designed to establish Sperry as the leader in artificial intelligence applications.

Larry has co-founded two high tech startups:

1987 - 2003 PEAKSolutions Corporation bringing Expert System solutions to the everyday marketplace spanning customers in government, industry, and education. Examples of Peaks' work are:

Peaks was the subject of a Harvard Case Study from the John F. Kennedy School of Public Affairs discussing the role Peaks played in implementing 14 advanced technology solutions for Minnesota State Agencies.

Peaks developed RouteBuilder, consisting of three cooperating expert systems that guides oversize, overweight vehicles through the state highway system without hitting bridges or crossing bridges not able to bear the weight. RouteBuilder is operational in Minnesota, Michigan, Ohio, Maryland, North Carolina, and California.

Peaks developed CourseBuilder that facilitated curriculum development and enabled the Minnesota Technical College System to move from a program-based approach to a curriculum-based approach.

Peaks developed the Procurement Advisor for PowerGen in the United Kingdom that used a Neural Network to normalize bids on billion dollar power plants and passed the results to an expert system that generated recommendations to management as to which bid to select.

1993 - Present: President Knowledge Management, Inc bringing innovative knowledge management solutions to the everyday marketplace spanning customers and knowledge providers in government, industry, and education. Examples of KMI's work are:

KMI delivered a Just-In-Time Learning solution to Potlatch Corporation to serve as the learning environment for their paper machine operators faced with upgrading their skills to deal with a newly digitized paper machine. This solution was the only training the operators received and was operational for 4 years.

KMI delivered the Hiring Advisor solution to Southwest Technical College as a learning aid for small companies faced with dealing with the complexities of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). This solution included the hiring requirements of 37 related laws and embedded a 1-Minute Hiring Advisor as well. The solution was delivered statewide in Minnesota through the Department of Economic Development Work Force Centers.

KMI participated in the NY Office of Real Property System (ORPS) project and modeled the tax system of the future such that it could serve as the stakeholder engagement environment used to gain buy-in from the numerous groups involved.

KMI has piloted the move online of the British Parliament's proceedings since 1803. In addition to maintaining the presentation of the images of the pages from these old volumes, the solution also captures the search strategies used by the Hansard librarians to find specific information within the volumes. The solution embedded the integration with the knowledge engine directly into the scanning software used to scan the existing volumes. This pilot was very well received with the Hansard project manager stating it was the best demonstration of computer-based capability ever demonstrated to the Parliament staff.

Related Experience:

Member of University of Minnesota Computer Science Advisory Board since 1980
Member of Minnesota Governor's Technology Task Force – 1989
Member of Minnesota High Technology Corridor Advisory Board – 1989-1992
Member of Kaposia, Inc. Board of Directors – 1989-1992
Member of Century College Technology Advisory Board – 2004, 2005

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