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Judith Ramsey, worked closely with Dr. Robert Terry for more than ten years.

Judie collaborated with Bob on the writing and editing of his ground-breaking leadership materials including: Seven Zones For Leadership, On Being A Secular Theologian, the Action Wheel Training Manual and more.


These materials have been further developed and now form the core curriculum offered by Action Wheel Leadership, Inc. (The AWL Group) and the Minnesota Physician Leadership Program.

Judie has developed, and hosts, two web sites. These are our business website: Action Wheel Leadership and a website that promotes our lovely home state of Minnesota: Visit Minnesota .

As a former retail business owner and supervisor of programs for The Family Education Department of Family Service in St. Paul, Judie is skilled in providing careful and care-filled attention to the needs of others. She is the triage agent for client needs, and demonstrates unflappability in the face of crisis, surprises, and difficult situations. Her educational background is in theology and organizational studies.

Judie has served as a church elder, chair of  missions ministry, women's ministries leader, and is a member of the leadership team of First Covenant Church in St. Paul, MN. In recent years she has traveled on ministry/service trips to Mexico, Spain, Morocco and Ecuador. She and her husband have five adult children.

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