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A new guide to hiring techniques reveals how you too can start putting together a quality staff of people right away. 


Hiring Techniques

If you have employees or are considering adding them, you either have some horror stories, or have heard a few.

Chances are you're wondering whether it's worth it.

Employers typically put a huge amount of time and money into hiring techniques including finding and training employees, only to find they're incompetent – or have no loyalty, moving on to "something better" as soon as they can.

You're probably wondering how you can find, recruit and retain top talent and make them want to stay.

Hiring Techniques and the View to Values Survey

The View to Values online decision making inventory measures 8 traits and explores strengths, shadows, ethical implications, how a person leads, and how to interact effectively with them.


How much does it cost to hire the wrong person?

What is your criteria for hiring specific persons for specific positions?

How rigorous is your interviewing process?

What kind of pre-hire testing is done? Who does it?

What kind of training is offered to internal interviewers?

Action Wheel Leadership can help answer these critical questions to insure that you have "the right people on the bus and in the right seat."

View the following video, explore the link to the View to Values Survey and then contact us about your specific needs.

Explore the View to Values Survey

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Hiring Techniques
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