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Delegative Leadership Style

The delegative leadership style is also known as the laissez-fair style of leadership. It is not among the most effective types of leadership styles. 

Delegative leadership is a somewhat hands off approach in which the leader places great responsibility on lower level managers and employees.

Thus the term laissez faire (or lais·ser faire), which is French for the noninterference in the affairs of others.

Employees who have the skills to analyze situations, and the confidence to implement decisions, may thrive under this style of leadership.

Many followers, however, are uncomfortable with having leadership responsibility delegated in this manner.

Other employees may take advantage of a "less than fully engaged" leader to avoid getting crucial tasks completed.

This leadership style often leads to poorly defined roles and a lack of motivation. 

This is one of the styles of leadership that has value in specific situations and also has to be used wisely. A leader who uses this leadership style to shift blame or avoid responsibility is mis-using their leadership role.

Delegative leadership, on the other hand, is a useful way for a leader to prioritize tasks and show their followers that they trust their abilities to lead certain initiatives. Do not be afraid to use this leadership style when it is in your, and your organization's best interest, however, use it wisely!

Remember that you, as the leader, are still responsible for the decisions that are made.

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