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The Action Wheel Decision Making Model is a collaborative decision making process that your team can learn and apply.

Decision Making Model


  • Have you sensed that something is wrong and couldn't figure out what it was?
  • Do meetings get bogged down?
  • Have you doubted you had enough information?
  • Does it seem like you can't agree on the issue or how to solve it?
  • Have you misunderstood an issue and had unexpected results?
  • Does the same issue keep coming up no matter what you do?

These are all common problems for organizations and groups. The Action Wheel can help frame and resolve these and other issues.

The Action Wheel

A framing tool that helps answer the question: "what is really going on."

It can be used by anyone to frame any issue.

Norms of Behavior:

  • Listen for specific information
  • Be literal; don't second guess
  • Ask questions 
  • Don't solve
  • Don't anticipate the solution

Generic Problems:

  • We have a serious morale problem
  • The system is dysfunctional
  • We need another staff person and more space
  • We have a breakdown of communication in our group

Working the Wheel

Leadership frames issues clockwise on the wheel. 

Management solves issues and problems counter-clockwise on the wheel.

Guiding Principles:

  • First frame; then solve
  • First lead; then manage


A common error is managing without leading

The result is micro-management or mis-management

Guiding Rule:

Go forward until there is no puzzle; then go back one step.

We would love to introduce you to our signature Action Wheel Leadership Model. 

Learn how the Action Wheel is used to resolve real life issues.

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