Action Wheel Leadership

Culture Trumps All

by Larry W.
(Twin Cities, MN)

When working with a prospect, he asked how the Action Wheel would impact his start-up organization.

His response to the question: "What are your most important concerns, issues, challenges, or opportunities?" was amazing. He responded with five items related to the culture he wanted.

After a couple exchanges, he increased the list to ten items, and we converted those from a negative perspective (e.g. a challenge) to positive aspirational statements (opportunities).

To his credit he was not going to 'present' these to his team, but rather use them as guidelines helping his team answer the question: "What is important?" as a group.

He is positioned to deal with the Meaning dimension of the Action Wheel -- the dimension most typically ignored. This focus begins establishing a rich culture for the team -- and contributes significantly to aligning to common values.

Larry W.

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