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Corporate Leadership Training

Corporate leadership training will prepare you for your role within your organization. The most effective leadership models begin with executive leadership training.


The array of leadership models can be daunting as you seek the best corporate leadership training for your executives and employees.

Action Wheel Leadership's Action Wheel model is based on the groundbreaking leadership theory developed by our company's founder Bob Terry.

The Action Wheel model shows where all leadership theories fit within the model and when to use them.

Corporate leadership training is of benefit to a wide variety of people who work in a business setting. Whether you are the CEO, an employee or an internal consultant, you will most likely have to work as part of a team and you may be responsible for managing both people and projects.

How well is your team aligned? The alignment of a team's members is the single greatest determinant of that team's performance. Just as a car cannot perform well when some of its parts are misaligned, a team and cannot perform if it's "parts" are not aligned.

The Action Wheel Assessment is designed to discover organizational misalignments, strengths and weaknesses. It will diagnose whether an organization is growing and prospering or is unhealthy and declining. It can pinpoint precisely where your organization is strong and where it is vulnerable.

Typically organizational alignment starts "at the top." Executive leadership training and alignment of the leadership team will assure that each team member feels connected and committed to their role in the company. This type of training allows you to better understand the big picture when it comes to the operation of the business and can help you feel more certain about your role in the business and how your part fits into the whole.

When your organization engages in corporate leadership training you will learn new skills that will help you take on the leadership roles required of you in the workplace.

You may be wondering what types of things are covered in executive leadership training. The Action Wheel leadership system identifies six dimensions of action that must be addressed for an organization to be aligned. Our leadership training offers a customized leadership program for your organization to teach you the wisdom of the Action Wheel and how you can use it to resolve any issue...both organizational and personal.

The development of communication skills is one of the highlights of the training. Learning better ways to communicate with team members and learning how to collaborate on projects is of benefit to everyone.

Communication is a two-way street and in leadership training you will learn how to both listen effectively and convey your message in a way that will be understood and accepted by the team. You will also learn problem solving skills how to set long-term and short-term goals and do what it takes to achieve them.

Some people are natural-born leaders and just know how to motivate people and speak in such a way as to get the team working together toward the same goal. However, many people who have the expertise and experience to lead need help acquiring the skills to organize themselves and effectively communicate with others.

Planning for the future of the company, accomplishing company growth, and achieving a higher retention of employees are all the ultimate advantages to taking corporate leadership training. This is what will create a company that can weather the present and future economies.

Corporate Leadership Training

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