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Collaborative Decision Making

Leadership Project: Aligning Imaging Staff Schedule and Work Status Changes

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Collaborative decision making, effectively engaging employees around shared values and mission, achieves empowered outcomes.

Collaborative Decision Making


Project Leader: - Jerry, Vice President

The change and re-alignment of work schedules was decided and shared by management with the Imaging staff.   Staff felt blind-sided and frustrated by how autocratically this change was made; there was no opportunity to provide input, or even to understand the drivers of this change.   

Jerry started over, “worked the wheel”, and conducted a survey as well as a series of meetings to fully explain the need, and to hear the concerns/values of staff.   

The end result?  Scheduling was resolved to the satisfaction of both management and staff.   Each staff member was able to get a schedule that met their needs.  Most importantly, while this decision negatively impacted some individual’s compensation as much as $20,000, the collaborative approach has resulted in full support. 

The irony?  The management team achieved the same financial goals as the original, autocratic decision.  The first time around, they caused real frustration, and resentment.  With the second, collaborative approach, each person had input, and was able to make situation-specific choices.  The support and enthusiasm of those impacted is dramatically higher. 

Project Impact: By following the action process learned in class, Jerry was able to grasp the power of collaborative decision-making. Utilizing collaborative decision processes increased employee satisfaction producing deeper employee engagement.

Autocratic leadership, while producing results, undermines trust resulting in lower employee engagement.

Key Healthcare Impact: Leadership

Effectively engaged employees around shared values and mission achieving an empowered outcome.

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