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Bob, Me, Zones and Fans

I met Bob in person only once but he had a huge effect on me. I invited him to come to London to help a team of us working on a leadership development project. He joined us for dinner on the first evening and then spent a day with us, talking us through the seven zones.

I remember trying to write down everything he said, it was all so profound! For the first time someone was saying absolutely clearly that leadership is about what you do not who you are. It's about understanding where you are and what is needed and then having the courage to make something important happen.

Some time after in a call with Bob he used the metaphor of the fan, and the way we control how much of the world we let rush in at us. Even now as I'm writing it reminds me that leadership is a choice not an accident of birth or a lucky mix of genes. And how I'm responsible every day for the quality of leadership I bring to the world.

Bob remains a source of inspiration. Seven Zones for Leadership sits close by my desk. Whenever I'm struggling there's always an insight in there.

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