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Authentic leadership action is a subset of human action and occurs when the leader, the leadership team, and the organization are in alignment with the world of business and commerce.

Authentic Leadership

Every authentic leadership action begins at Meaning, goes on to Mission and then to Power. This then leads to conversations about Structure, Resources, and Existence. Fulfillment is the completed action that embraces existence, resources, structure, power, mission and meaning.

Over the years, I have found that most issues center on meaning, mission and power, but that our leadership slides too quickly toward structure, resources and existence.

We reorganize (structure), throw money at the problem (resources), or pray for a miracle (existence)! ~Bob Terry in Authentic Leadership: Courage In Action.

  • Meaning legitimates and orients missions. It provides the cultural justification of actions.
  • Missions, be they large or small, direct and focus power. The value of a mission is judged by the significance of its related meaning.
  • Power, quickened by mission, energizes and modifies structures.
  • Structures sustain power, generate new ideas and press missions forward.
  • Resources equip structures and come from what is actually or potentially available in existence.
  • Existence both limits resources and makes them possible. Meaning and existence touch on the wheel. Each informs the other. As we enter any stream of ongoing human action, it is already infused with meaning from the past.

90% of all leadership solutions begin "above the line" in Mission, Meaning and Power. 90% of leadership's time is typically spent "below the line" in Existence, Resources and Structure. 


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