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The Action Wheel leadership system delivers custom created leadership programs for your organization. Each component is a part of this integrated system.

Six Steps to Resolution

Our Leadership Programs & Workshops

Introductory Leadership Workshops & Seminars -> Dealing With Difficult People, Developing Your Emotional IQ, and Change Management: A Survival Guide.

We employ an initial process of collaboration, diagnosis, and design to match our diverse set of tools and services to your organizational challenges.

Performance Preferences -> Discover your "performance default" and understand how the six "preferences" impact your leadership team.

The Action Wheel Leadership System is based on the assertion that every human action is based on six dimensions of action. For goals to be achieved, and missions to be fulfilled, each dimension must be addressed:

• Existence - "What is the current reality?"

• Resources - "What do we need?"

• Structure - "How will we do this?"

• Power - "Who is driving this?"

• Mission - "Where are we going?"

• Meaning -"Why are we doing this?"

 Leadership Assessment and Workshop -> Your team, group or entire organization will complete an online leadership assessment. The results will graphically reveal the strengths and weakness that affect your leadership. 

Leadership Alignment -> Using information from the leadership assessment your team will create a specific and actionable plan to  create alignment and enhance performance. 

90% of all leadership solutions begin “above the line” in Meaning, Mission, and Power. 90% of leadership’s time is typically spent “below the line” in Existence, Resources and Structure. 

Building Trust -> Build a culture of trust within your organization. Discover where trust has been lost and how it can be regained. This seminar begins with our 30 question Trust Assessment.  

Types of Decision Making -> You, and your organization, will become adept at making decisions based on six identifiable action steps.  Use this decision - making model in your professional and personal life. 

Problem Solving -> Use the Action Wheel process to frame and resolve any issue. Answer the question: "what is really going on."

We also offer: 

Executive Coaching

• Situational Interventions and Coaching

The AWL Group offers a unique, dynamic style of consulting services to any type of organization seeking to solve difficult challenges. Included are proprietary on-line assessments to help you gauge the level of alignment and leadership in your organization and a full curriculum of Action Wheel Leadership workshops, books, and supportive materials.

We  offer a focused leadership program uniquely crafted for physician leaders and healthcare organizations.


“Authentic Leadership evokes a coexistence of peace and power that allows oneself to be true to themselves and true to their world (corporate environment).” ~Dr. Robert Terry

The Science of Building
High Performance Organizations

The AWL Group’s experience, proprietary consulting technologies, and comprehensive leadership systems create sustainable, high-performance business solutions and strong, authentic organizations.

History of AWL Leadership

Based on 30+ years of past and ongoing leadership research.

• Unique, reproducible, leadership model that combines action and influence.

• Proven system for powerful planning, quality decision-making, and effective problem solving.

• Values-driving and ethically responsible.

Case Studies -> Reports of projects completed by one of our client groups who used the Action Wheel model in real life situations.

Physician Leadership Cohort Testimonials 

Emma Carlin, MD: "I love medicine as a profession. I work with smart, hard-working, classy people who are often sad & tired and still keep it up. I want it to be better. This class has helped me see it can be & will be." 

Sara Carlson, MD: "This program has given me the confidence to engage in and promote change in our clinic even though I am not in a formal leadership role." 

Marty Dvorak, MD: "This program has allowed me to grow in my leadership role, my skills, my confidence & my bags of skills/knowledge & experience." 

Jason Hicks, PA: "I’ve looked forward to these afternoons. I have enjoyed learning so much from all these bright minds involved in teaching and learning in these AWL sessions." 

Mark LaRose, MD: "The program allowed me to develop skills that have enabled me to step into an intimidating role with more confidence & skill." 

David Quale, MD: "This has been a great opportunity to “train” for my upcoming leadership position. Thank you!" 

Lorene Rutherford, MD: "This remarkable program is the most cost effective, efficient, applicable and enjoyable way I’ve ever experienced to improve my leadership skills." 

Benjamin Scherschligt, MD: "An opportunity to share ideas with very smart, capable people." 

Plamen Todorow, MD: "There was no more pleasurable intellectual experience for many years than these monthly meetings! Thank you! "

Action Wheel Community

You are part of the Action Wheel Community if you have ever learned about the Action Wheel, participated in one of our workshops or leadership courses, or visited our website. As part of this community, you will able to read about experiences others have had with the Action Wheel and share your own experiences as well.

Do you have a story, memory, or question about using the Action Wheel in your professional or personal life? Please share it.

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