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"Treatment without diagnosis is malpractice." ~Warren Hoffman

The Action Wheel Assessment is designed to be an organizational MRI. It will diagnose whether an organization is growing and prospering or is unhealthy and declining. It can pinpoint precisely where your organization is strong and where it is vulnerable.  

Action Wheel Leadership Assessments


An MRI scans soft tissues...the AWA scans soft issues!

Just as an MRI provides a picture of a person's “soft tissues”, the AWA provides an image of your organization's “soft issues.” The AWA also provides a picture of where the organization is strong and thriving. The AWA has been designed to be minimally invasive, and to capture the initial image of "what-is-going-on” – or what the organization's members initially think is going on.   

The Action Wheel Assessment: How It Works for Your Organization

  • Includes 60 questions and can be completed in 15 - 20 minutes.
  • Can be taken by any number of people in an organization.
  • Provides each participant with a written and graphic report of their view of the organization.
  • Provides an aggregate report of the entire organization that keeps all individual responses confidential.

"Test Drive" the Action Wheel Assessment

  • You can take the online assessment at no charge to "sample" what your organization will experience in our Leadership and Alignment workshops.
  • This assessment has been used, in paper and pencil format, for 20 years in organizations of all shapes and sizes, to create a snapshot of an organization's health. The online version allows your organization to assess your leadership team or your entire organization.
  • The individual report you will receive automatically upon completion of this free version of the online assessment is for informational purposes only.

Try a Preview of the Action Wheel Assessment 

The Action Wheel Assessment becomes a powerful tool when done as part of a Leadership and Alignment Workshop for your entire leadership team. When you engage our consultants to teach the Action Wheel process, part of the workshop will be a review of an aggregate report prepared by our team that reveals both the strengths and weaknesses within your organization. 

The sample aggregate report below was prepared for one of our clients; identifying data has been removed. 

Sample Aggregate Report

The AWL Group will schedule a time to discuss how we can help you gauge the level of alignment and leadership in your organization. We offer a full curriculum of leadership workshops, books, and supportive materials. We employ an initial process of collaboration, diagnosis, and design to match our diverse set of tools and services to address your organizational challenges.

Contact Us to learn how you can use the Action Wheel Assessment with your organization and about our customized leadership programs based on the Action Wheel Leadership Model.

"Every human act reveals these seven generic features, all the time, every time. These features are explicitly or implicitly present whether the action has happened, is happening, or will happen. "
~Bob Terry, Authentic Leadership: Courage In Action

Action Wheel Community

You are part of the Action Wheel Community if you have ever learned about the Action Wheel, participated in one of our workshops or leadership courses, or visited our website. As part of this community, you will able to read about experiences others have had with the Action Wheel and share your own experiences as well.

Do you have a story, memory, or question about using the Action Wheel in your professional or personal life? Please share it.

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