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Authentic Leadership Action News, Issue #014--Your Performance Preference Profile
October 16, 2012

Know Your Performance Preference Profile
and the Profiles of Others

Many of you are very familiar with the Action Wheel model that evolved over the years during Bob Terry’s lifetime. Here are his early thoughts about leadership action: “When I began building this model in l967, I used a triangle -- gesture, response and shared meaning.” You can trace its roots by reviewing FOR WHITES ONLY, published in l970 by Eerdmans.

Bob’s full development of the Action Wheel Leadership Model and its uses came in his next book, Authentic Leadership: Courage in Action.

In Authentic Leadership, six dimension of every action were identified:

  • Existence
  • Meaning
  • Mission
  • Power
  • Structure
  • Resources
In recent years The AWL Group has built on Bob’s legacy by creating an entire suite of leadership tools based on those six dimensions. One of those is Performance Preferences.

You will learn how your unique Performance Profile fits within one of the dimensions of the Action Wheel and complements the performance preferences of others.

Performance Preferences: Using the Action Wheel to Optimize Team Performance

Just as each of us has physical defaults, like right- vs. left-handedness, we also each have 'performance defaults' that inform how we approach our work.

Have you ever wondered why some projects run smoothly from concept to completion, while other initiatives suddenly go off the rails?

Do you find that you work well with some co-workers yet find it difficult, or even impossible, to work with others?

Our Performance Preferences Workshop will help you discover your own performance profile and explore how differences that frustrate you can be understood and even become the key to optimizing team performance.

Using Robert Terry's Action Wheel Methodology, we've identified 6 unique performance profiles. Do you recognize yourself in any of the profiles below?


My Personality: expressive, talkative, gregarious

I Like: staying in touch, having personal connection
I Expect From Others: empathy, sharing, openness


My Personality: innovative, imaginative, reflective

I Like: new ideas, creating, setting precedents
I Expect From Others: sincerity, humility, honesty


My Personality: visionary, goal oriented, resolute

I Like: starting things, the journey, "win-wins"
I Expect From Others: camaraderie, enthusiasm, challenge to the status quo


My Personality: inclusive, energizing, engaging

I Like: sharing ownership and responsibilities
I Expect From Others: participation, commitment


My Personality: ordered, planned, structured

I Like: clarity, details, concrete steps, order
I Expect From Others: thoroughness, consistency


My Personality: task oriented, results oriented

I Like: meeting challenges, having the answers
I Expect From Others: competence, contribution

Contact Us if you'd like to understand how better understanding the various profiles can impact your team performance and enhance the success of your projects.

Bob Terry Books:

For Whites Only

Authentic Leadership: Courage in Action.

On Being A Secular Theologian

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