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Authentic Leadership Action News, Issue #015-- New Leadership Program
April 18, 2013

New Leadership Program

For several years we have offered a leadership program for physicians, medical directors, and administrators. Based on the Action Wheel methodology, the program has been well received.

“One of the most important aspects of the program is the joint facilitated learning between administrators and physicians. The ability to view each other in a new light and to understand that we can work together to solve problems, and create new opportunities for joint success. These learnings give everybody a baseline to enhance trust and build a strong working relationship into the future.” ~ Robert Stevens, President/CEO, Ridgeview Medical Center

We are now pleased to announce that this same, curriculum-rich, program will be offered on the campus of Bethel University. If you are interested in learning more please join us at one of these open house events in May: Open House Invitation

“The Action Wheel Leadership model positioned us well to deal with the epic change facing the healthcare industry today.” ~Tim Middendorf, COO, Augustana Health Care

We would also appreciate it if you would forward the link to the open house to anyone you know who might be interested in this program.

"We have learned how to deal with difficult people and situations, to frame problems and issues and discover what is really going on within people, departments, and systems. The process is well tested, based on solid research, and the outcomes increase productivity together with provider and patient satisfaction." ~Lorene Rutherford, M.D., Lakeview Clinic, Chaska, MN

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