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For individuals who are familiar with Bob Terry’s Action Wheel framework, the webinar described below will catch you up on the innovations that The AWL Group has added to Bob’s work. You will experience three new methods of presenting and understanding the six elements of action:
  1. The Action Wheel elements are described as harnessing team and/or organizational energy much as a rocket nozzle harnesses the energy within a rocket.

  2. The Action Wheel Assessment that many of you have seen in paper form is now online, and the webinar describes how individual results are aggregated to present a snapshot for an entire organization or a team.

  3. The six elements of action are presented as a ‘practice field’ to enable people new to the concepts to practice and internalize use of the framework in their everyday work and life.

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The Fundamentals of High Performance

Leaders today face a challenging environment. The rate of change is accelerating; the complexity of operations is increasing; and competition is global. In responding to these challenges, leaders must ensure their teams are aligned to common purpose.

The Bad News: A team with 10 members can be misaligned in millions of ways. This is because there are 10 factorial combinations of 10 people:

10 factorial = 10!
= 10x9x8x7x6x5x4x3x2x1
= 3,628,800.

The Good News: In every case you as the leader only have to deal with six factors that will determine whether or not your team performs at a high level.

The Fundamentals of High Performance Webinar identifies, describes, and illustrates the importance of each of these factors in leading to high performance.

This webinar also introduces you to, and gives you free access to, an online assessment tool that pinpoints which of the factors is out of alignment for your team at this time. When you register for the webinar, you will receive directions on how to access this assessment.

Date and Time: Wed., Oct 12th 2011 – 12:15 p.m- 1:15 p.m CST
Speaker: Larry Walker, Founding Partner, AWL Group
Cost: Complimentary (a $100 value)

To listen to a quick 4 minute interview with Larry, for a more detailed description of the webinar and to register, visit ResonateNow

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