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Authentic Leadership Action News, Issue #017--Fall Leadership Programs - Free Leadership Book
August 26, 2015

Fall Leadership Programs – Free Book Offer

Action Wheel Leadership seminars, workshops and extended leadership programs are now being scheduled for fall and winter.

We are scheduling AWL Leadership seminars, workshops and extended leadership programs for fall and winter. Here is an overview of what we can offer to your organization: Leadership Seminars and Programs

Here are some short summaries of just four of our sessions:

Six Critical Actions for Employee Engagement

Every action we take has six fundamental dimensions that are critical to reaching high quality outcomes within your team. This interactive course introduces these six key dimensions through an easy-to-remember framework – the Action Wheel Learning methodology. You will explore how the Action Wheel integrates the six dimensions simply and intuitively into your personal and professional life, giving you a fresh leadership perspective. Used effectively, this perspective will enable you to connect with people better, increase personal and team engagement and deliver more efficient and effective outcomes.

Dealing With Difficult People

Every organization has at least a few difficult people. The painful truth is that you cannot change them. What you can do is learn the leadership skills that allow you to deal with these difficult people and approach your work with more enjoyment and satisfaction. This workshop will provide you with assessment tools, methodology, and proven strategies to confidently work with your difficult co-workers. You will gain the power to influence the situation you are in.

Change Management – A Survival Guide

Change is a constant in business and in our personal lives yet change is often met with resistance. Join us as we consider how change occurs and how it impacts individuals and organizations. You will learn a change formula based on a simple six-step process that will identify root causes of problems and give you a method to work through them effectively. You will understand disconnects that change can bring about, discuss the change process, and learn a framework for successfully implementing change. Using the same six-step Action Wheel methodology, we’ll discover how this framework can add value in other areas of life as well.

Developing Your Emotional Quotient

This workshop examines the four aspects of Emotional Intelligence (EI) or Emotional Quotient (EQ). You will learn what is it; why you should care about it; how it works; and how you can develop it.

EQ is vital for becoming an effective and high performing member of any team and provides insight into managing personal emotions and emotional interactions with others. This interactive workshop includes engaging exercises designed to help you understand and apply EQ skills in your daily life. You will take a short survey to determine your personal EQ score. Every participant will also receive a copy of the book Emotional Intelligence 2.0. The book further explains scores and offers tips and strategies on how to build EQ skills across four different dimensions.

Free Copy of Heathcare Leadership Book

Free Book Offer: If you are interested in the changes in healthcare and how those changes affect leadership, we are offering a free copy of our book, 9 Dysfunctions in Our Healthcare Systems to the first 25 people who respond through our contact form. We will mail a hard copy of this important book to those who respond quickly to this offer.

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