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Authentic Leadership Action News, Issue #016--Free Ebook: Dysfunctions in Healthcare
September 26, 2013

Free Ebook: Dysfunctions in Healthcare

The dysfunctions in healthcare represent an exciting opportunity for healthcare reform. The stories in this book are the result of visits and interviews by the author to 213 healthcare systems, hospitals, clinics and medical schools in 46 states. While we believe this book will be of great interest to healthcare professionals, it will also be an enlightening read for healthcare consumers as well.

This volume describes the serious misalignments that exist at every level of healthcare. These misalignments create a wide chasm between physicians and administration, and between patients and their healthcare systems.

The intensity of destructive internal and external competition for patients, providers, and revenue is driving public distrust of healthcare and all its institutions. We believe that this book brings to light the most critical issues facing our healthcare systems.

We asked for stories to substantiate the “pain.” Those stories are recorded here as examples of the critical dysfunctions facing the US healthcare system.

This work is based on the premise that, “treatment without diagnosis is malpractice.”

The information and insights gathered during this research process have shaped the author’s ongoing mission to help healthcare practitioners answer the most important question about these dysfunctions: “What are you doing about them?”

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Dysfunctions In Healthcare

About The Author: Warren Hoffman, Ph.D. brings a wealth of personal and organizational performance experience to Action Wheel Leadership, Inc. and the Minnesota Physician Leadership programs. Warren defines the purpose of his life as “to help others do well.” He has spent more than 30 years dealing with issues, challenges, and problems that cause dysfunctions in individuals and organizations.

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