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“I was facing disciplinary action due to being at 45% of my quota of sales for the year. One year later I was invited to meet with the CEO for achieving 160% of target.” ~Deanna

Low productivity, frustration, and disengagement, are concerns facing every business around the world. Yet with every challenge there is a window of opportunity. The following story shows how Deanna used the AWL Group’s Action Wheel methodology to successfully rise to challenges both at work and at home.

In 2005, Deanna learned a new methodology that changed her world view - how she viewed her problems and how she resolved them. Deanna was facing significant challenges on both the domestic front and in her sales position at work.

At home, an adopted child with serious health issues was demanding a significant amount of time, taking away time from her other three children. And life wasn’t any easier at work.

The advent of technology had driven her business into a major slump with sales down as much as 50%. Deanna’s numbers, normally right around quota, had plummeted to 45% of target. The challenges at home and at work were trying Deanna’s usual cheerful disposition.

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And, in Paul Harvey’s words, Here’s The Rest of the Story:

Deanna has since been recruited to a national organization where she is Regional Director of Sales. She made President’s Club and doubled her salary in her first year. According to Deanna, the key to this successful turnaround, at home and at work was in her ability to use the Action Wheel model for bringing about engaged discussions and alignment around traditionally difficult topics. The AWL Group’s core approach helped her uncover and unpack deeply held values that needed to be addressed before her prospects would make a purchasing decision.

This true story reflects one of hundreds of success stories from around the globe about the power of the Action Wheel methodology. If you’re looking for a proven approach to drive engagement and alignment for your team, you’ve come to the right place.

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