Bob Terry Stories

Do You Have A Story About Bob Terry?

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Judie Ramsey

We are often asked to share "Bob Terry stories." When we connect with friends and colleagues who knew Bob, the conversation always includes a story or two about him.

We realize that the stories we know are only a small part of what could be shared. So we have created an interactive page on our website where you can share your stories as well.

Bob Terry Stories

Tell us how/where you knew Bob. Share something you learned from him. Tell about the impact his writings had on your leadership thought and practice. Share something humorous that you remember about him or his time with your group or organization. Please help us compile a tribute to the leadership legacy that he left to all of us by sharing your stories.

If you took part in a class or course he taught, were mentored or coached by Bob or had lunch with him at the (now extinct) Cities Grill --share those stories!

Bob Terry Stories

We know that Bob had hundreds of best friends, colleagues and students. More likely thousands. If you know others who might want to share stories about Bob Terry, please forward this newsletter to them as well. We look forward to a growing collection of memories to add to the Bob Terry legacy.

While you are at our site, check out the View to Values decision-making survey and let us know if you are interested in taking it for free. If you are a consultant, we are interested in showing you how you can use the View to Values in your own training and consulting.

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