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Authentic Leadership Action News, Issue #018--How Does the Action Wheel Really Work?
November 06, 2015

How Does the Action Wheel Really Work?

Basic information about the Action Wheel always includes attention to the “six dimensions of action:"

  • Meaning -"Why are we doing this?"
  • Mission - "Where are we going?"
  • Power - "Who is driving this?"
  • Existence - "What is the current reality?"
  • Structure - "How will we do this?"
  • Resources - "What do we need”?

We also assert that, as a decision-making tool, the Action Wheel process works equally well in your professional and personal life.

Have you every wondered what that looks like in “real life?”

Here is how two clients used the Action Wheel…one in a professional situation and the other to resolve a personal issue.

Physician Burnout Case Study

Patricia, a participant in the AWL Physician Leadership Program used the six-step process in this Physician Burnout Case Study

A medical professional who participated in the AWL Physician Leadership Program, used the Action Wheel process to resolve an issue that arose while having a new house built:

Identifying Systems Breakdowns.

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