Action Wheel Leadership

2. Coming to Grips with the Action Wheel

by Larry Walker
(White Bear Lake)

The Action Wheel

The Action Wheel

Two things grabbed my attention as I began to learn about the Action Wheel.

The first was that the University of Minnesota's Humphrey Institute had picked an excellent individual to establish the nation's first leadership development program in the early 1980's.

I had been exposed to some management training in the mid-70's but was totally frustrated when I tried to find more input about leadership itself. At that time, sources were few and far between -- and there was no Internet!

Dr. Terry undertook his new assignment with passion and thoroughly deep research. What he found was that up until that time, there had been 6 major schools of leadership thought. Each, of course, claimed to be the end-all and be-all for the field. Bob's conclusion was that they all had strengths, so he integrated them all into what he named the Action Wheel. The 6 themes became the foundation for the 6 dimensions of the Action Wheel.

The second attention grabber was that Bob's Action Wheel provided a systematic leadership approach for successfully undertaking any action, personal or professional. Applying the concepts of each dimension in the proper sequence is essential. Being a software systems professional, this aspect of the Action Wheel intrigued me and still inspires me to work to fully internalize the application of these concepts to issues that I am pursuing.

The next blog will begin to unpack the Action Wheel for you.

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