Action Wheel Leadership

1. My Action Wheel Introduction

by Larry Walker
(White Bear Lake, MN)

So how did a guy with 40+ years in the software industry get involved with the Action Wheel leadership framework? It certainly was not intentional.

My son, Tadd, is my partner in our knowledge management software consulting company and got involved with Warren Hoffman who wanted to build an online Ethics Assessment solution. This was in response to the Boeing Company being fined over $600 million for ethics violations.

Progress on this idea was slow, but eventually led Warren, Tadd, and Judie Ramsey, a colleague of Warren's to consider starting a company to sell the assessment -- and -- other properties they owned.

Since I had some experience in starting companies, I agreed to attend one of their meetings to see where they were headed.

The first thing I learned was that Warren and Judie had inherited all of Dr. Bob Terry's intellectual property. My reaction was immediate and honest: "You own Bob Terry's intellectual property. Wow! That's a gold mine."

What triggered this response was that I had heard a lot about Bob Terry and believed he was one of the top five leadership gurus in the world. I had never met him, but had run across his name many times as I explored ideas in the realm of leadership.

I was hooked and agreed to help them launch what became The AWL Group.

Next time I will expand on my early learnings about Bob and my initial exposure to the Action Wheel.

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Aug 03, 2013
Photo of Bob Terry
by: Larry

The photo of Bob Terry is presented courtesy of Judie Ramsey.

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