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The Action Wheel is a unique diagnostic tool that addresses leadership’s most critical tasks: correctly framing and resolving leadership issues within your organization.

Action Wheel Leadership

Every action contains six generic features, any of which can be the central issue that must be addressed. The Action Wheel can be used as a framing tool.   Leaders can apply creativity and playfulness in locating the presenting issue and identifying the underlying real issue.

The AWL Group  will work with you to solve your most difficult organizational challenges. 

Our action-based processes are grounded in decades of proprietary research.

The Wisdom of the Wheel: Our unique six-step decision making process will prepare you to move your organization from "good to great."

Embedded in our approach are techniques that build strong, consistent leaders and engage, align, and motivate employees. Individual sessions will be customized to meet the specific needs of your leadership team. 

We Solve Your Organization's Challenges  at The Highest Level  

Action Wheel Leadership

We employ an initial process of collaboration, diagnosis, and design to match our diverse set of tools and services to address your organizational challenges. 

We offer  assessment tools, workshops and consulting services to meet your needs.

Our programs, products, and workshops directly elevate the performance of your leaders and your team. 

Leadership Team Alignment is crucial to the success of any organization.

The Action Wheel Leadership Program will be customized to the specific needs of your organization. We will partner with you to customize a comprehensive leadership development program for your team or organization. Your outcome will be a reinvigorated, sustainable leadership team.

Working The Wheel: Stories of how the Action Wheel process has been used to resolve personal and professional problems in one of our physician leadership cohorts.

The AWL Group is accredited by the Minnesota Medical Association to provide continuing medical education for physicians.

Minnesota Physician Leadership Program

The AWL Group: Action Wheel Leadership will work with you to solve your most difficult organizational challenges.

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Action Wheel Community

You are part of the Action Wheel Community if you have ever learned about the Action Wheel, participated in one of our workshops or leadership courses, or visited our website. As part of this community, you will able to read about experiences others have had with the Action Wheel and share your own experiences as well.

Do you have a story, memory, or question about using the Action Wheel in your professional or personal life? Please share it.

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At our last board meeting the board used the Action Wheel to help with a decision involving the future site of one of our clinics and its providers. We …

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When working with a prospect, he asked how the Action Wheel would impact his start-up organization. His response to the question: "What are your most …

What I've Learned So Far 
We're nearing the end of our (present) sessions with the AWL Group. Going in I would not have imagined that my leadership skills had much need for improvement. …

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